Oakbrook Weather Cancellation Policy

Publicly scheduled Oakbrook events hosted onsite at Oakbrook Church (3600 Lost Lane) will be cancelled whenever there is a STORM WARNING given by the National Weather Service.  Offsite events are not governed by this policy (e.g. Growth Groups, Team meetings, offsite Youth group meetings, training events, etc.)

An EXCEPTION would be our Sunday Worship Service. The Sunday Worship Service is not cancelled except in dire emergency, as determined by the Leadership Team.

The communication process we will implement regarding cancellations is as follows:

- Post the cancellation on our website www.oakbrookgb.com
- Put message on Oakbrook answering machine
- Inform WBAY, WFRV, WLUK, WGBA TV stations
To find out if a publicly scheduled onsite event is cancelled please go to our website, check with the appropriate TV stations, or call and check the answering machine.