News at Oakbrook Church

Ignite Team Building - January 18, 2018

Ignite is a bi-monthly training event for everyone who serves at Oakbrook. Every ministry team is encouraged to be represented at each gathering. Key components of every Ignite include vision/encouragement, training/coaching, relationships and communication.
Highlights - Twelve ministry teams participated in our recent gathering. Highlights included stories of God activity in various ministries; especially the upcoming Missions trip with eight participants. Comments from Ignite participants - “I love hearing about how God is at work in other ministries;” “I always receive good encouragement and direction from other teams and that helps my team;” “The best thing for me is I feel a part of what God is doing here at Oakbrook. I’m not in this alone.”
Where do we need prayer?

  • That more team members would share in the Ignite Gathering; the coaching would be used effectively in each team; God would continue to build our teams and our relationship.  

Ministry Director Update - December 7, 2017
Team Members: Terry Martell, Mike Demers, Kerstin Westcott and Susan Lucius
Highlights - Discussed Mission Team's plans for a trip to Milwaukee to serve City on a Hill, facility items that may need replacement, as well as a variety of administrative items. Celebrated the growth and development of our ministry teams, the servant hearts, creating a warm accepting culture and multiple expressions of generosity.

Where do we need prayer?

  • Please pray for guidance and wisdom for all conversations and decisions made that they honor God and His church.

Facilities Team Update - November 11, 2017

Team Members: Gary Farr, Larry Courchaine, Dan Leahy, Bill Maciejczak, Bud Terrio, Mike Young
Highlights - Discussed snow removal coverage - a schedule will be in place by December 1. Completed both outside and inside work needed to get the Oakbrook building ready for winter.
Where do we need prayer?
  • Please pray for our safety as we complete our tasks throughout each season. 

Decorating Team Update - November 12, 2017

Team Members: Carol Farr, Karen Kemp, Kathy Maciejczak and June Sroka
Highlights - The Christmas decorating of the church on Saturday - December 2 at 10:00 am will remain as we have done in previous years with a few minor additions in order to enhance the decor. This is an all family event. We will have refreshments and Christmas music as well in order to keep it fun and festive.
We also briefly discussed a few ideas for future projects but will not act on anything else until after January. The Hospitality Team theme decorating of the tables in the commons has been going very well.
Where do we need prayer?
  • Please pray for the December 2 church decorating - that all goes well, that we have a good turn out and fun! 

Serving Opportunities

We have many great ways for you to get connected at Oakbrook. One way is through our serving opportunities. You can meet others that enjoy doing some of the same things you do and at the same time, you can serve others that attend Oakbrook.

Here are a few areas you might want to consider:

  • Ushering - hand out programs, collect Love Gifts, assist with seating

  • Media - coordinate running the slides during the Sunday service

  • Sound - adjust the volume and when microphones are turned on and off

  • Hospitality - make beverages and snacks for the Sunday service

If you are interested in trying out any of these or other serving opportunities, please contact the Oakbrook office. If you find the opportunity is a great fit for you, then you can stick with it. On the other hand, if it's not what you expected, no problem. Feel free to try something else. 

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